Jive video: The Making

By Michael Marshall

For some people thanksgiving is a wonderful family holiday. For some it’s a reoccurring nightmare that ends with a sigh of exhaustion and a feeling of accomplishment. For a very, very small minority it involves cameras, cold hosing, semi-nudity, and five gallons of paint. We were in the latter camp for our thanksgiving. The woman behind the counter of the paint shop did get a chuckle when we asked if the paint was ‘body safe’. One warehouse, lights, drop cloths, and a clam shaped kiddie pool later we were set up for an entertaining couple hours of schadenfreude, watching each other get drenched in thick paint before discovering for ourselves how bad it tastes and how hard it is to breathe through. We might rethink our art concept next time, but damn, if it doesn’t look cool on video.
Watch for our video coming your way soon.