Henry McGuire

Born in Kingston, Ontario, Henry grew up in Rome, Italy, and later Jakarta, Indonesia. He got his first guitar in Rome when he was 12.

Henry studied music and played with other musicians in clubs in Rome and Jakarta, and later London where he studied at a school for the performing arts. He left school before graduating to join Circa Orfei, the Felliniesque Italian travelling circus. He's since returned to Canada to play music and build furniture.

“Different rhythms. Different sounds. I was also influenced by the musical preferences of my parents. You soak up what you listened to as a kid. From my dad, it was Myles Davis. From my mom, it was the Talking Heads. The first song I ever sang in public was Hit the Road Jack written by Percy Mayfield and made famous by Ray Charles. That was in Italy, in Rome, the day Ray Charles died. Later, I was encouraged by bands like Foals. They are so much themselves. I was also hugely inspired by Andrew Bird. I don’t think he focuses on trying to be commercially viable. He is just who he is when he creates sound. He’s an Olympic level whistler.”